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TEDx talk: “Genius minds and the Future of our World”

Misio believes in continual learning and sharing knowledge with the world, we’re excited to announce that our Co-founder & CEO Jeremy Biggs, a sustainability advocate and entrepreneur, has contributed to an inspiring TEDx talk titled “Genius minds and the Future of our World”, delving into the concept of genius and its potential. His talk is focused on the idea that everyone possesses a genius inside them, waiting to be discovered through personal growth and continued learning.

“Genius is not just about having a high IQ, but also about being able to connect the dots, create something new, and make a positive impact on the world,” Biggs stated. “We all have the potential to be a genius, but first, we need to give ourselves permission to explore our passions and interests.”

Throughout the talk, Biggs encourages everyone to use their skills, knowledge and experience to and most importantly an amazing ability to make significant contributions to a better world.

“Everyone has something to offer, and it’s up to us to unlock our genius potential and share it with the world,” Biggs said. “We can all make a difference, no matter how big or small our contributions may seem.”

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About Misio:

Misio is the world’s first AI-enabled B2B sustainability platform enabling companies to create dynamic sustainability project pathways, help achieve robust sustainability compliance and share their validated incremental progress with the world.

About Jeremy Biggs:

Jeremy is the Co-founder & CEO of Misio, an entrepreneur working on solutions to help solve global problems. His experience includes building enterprise technology solutions with a specialisation in provenance and traceability.

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