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By investing in Misio, you become an integral part of the transformation toward enabling a sustainable future while capitalising on the growing demand for innovative sustainability and ESG solutions.

Less than 1% of organisations currently understand the impact that climate risk will have on their core operations, and the commercial opportunity that this presents.

The compliance frameworks and standards coming into effect through governments around the world all require upstream and downstream stakeholders to share incremental progress presenting a unique challenge for MID size and SME markets.

By 2026 millions of businesses will need to calculate complex sustainability information across several impact categories. Misio has a mission to enable 10 million of these companies with AI-enabled solutions that will not only help mitigate $54 trillion in climate risk, but also enable a powerful commercial growth driver.

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The AI-enabled operating system for the next generation of business.

A global eco-system consisting of organisations creating a positive impact. Supported by leading sustainability, impact and ESG solution providers.

At Misio, we unlock exponential growth for organisations and solution partners by leveraging the Misio Intelligent Assistance (MIA), our AI-enabled operating platform.

Misio technology significantly accelerates time-to-value, enabling partners to optimise resource allocation and deliver remarkable results for client organisations in less time.

The next generation Social Platform and ESG Marketplace
The Problem…

The Problem

Large companies, equipped with the resources and teams necessary to adhere to global ESG standards, strive to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate responsible business practices.

However, a significant gap exists in the SME market.

Hundreds of millions of smaller enterprises lack the necessary tools, systems, and expertise to effectively engage with these larger organisations, limiting their ability to contribute to a sustainable future and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Furthermore, in the absence of regulatory compliance, smaller organisations lack the incentive to operate more sustainably.

This, in turn, leads to diminished trust from customers, investors, and team members, who increasingly demand transparency and accountability in environmental, social, and governance matters.

Misio solution

  • Dynamically generated AI-enabled impact project plans, aligned with industry and regulatory standards, in under 60 seconds.
  • Work side-by-side with leading advisors, auditors, sustainability, impact and ESG solution providers.
  • Reduce organisation climate related risk, attract a lower cost of capital and improve insurance premiums.
  • Shift sustainability progress narrative from annual reporting into a real-time, simple traceable source of truth – measurably attracting more customers, talent and investment
The MISIO solution