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Our mission is to activate 10 million companies by 2030 with disclosure of sustainability progress & Environment Social Governance information to measurably shift the needle in achieving global UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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A next generation sustainability Platform and the worlds first ESG Marketplace

Misio acts as an operating system for the Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) and sustainability eco-system.

Large and listed companies are required to meet sustainability and Environment Social Governance (ESG) regulatory compliance.

Misio enables their suppliers, typically SME companies under $100 million in revenue, with the tools to aggregate and share this complex ESG data between stakeholders and help companies measurably achieve their sustainability objectives.

The next generation Social Platform and ESG Marketplace
The Problem…

The Problem

Large companies seeking ways to synchronise ESG information across global standards with SME suppliers.

These companies are aligned with global ESG standards and have large budgets and teams to meet regulator

But what about the SME market? Hundreds of millions of smaller companies lack the tools and systems to engage with these larger companies

Our solution

  • The Misio platform enables companies to unlock revenue opportunities through meeting incremental ESG regulatory compliance without the large cost outlay.
  • Misio partners with specialist providers and technology platforms to support company requirements, negating the need for high cost advisory resources.
  • Misio helps companies to aggregate ESG and Sustainability progress information that enables interoperability between multiple global standards.
  • Misio Tile sets a new standard for sharing sustainability progress in a simple, traceable, interactive way.
The MISIO solution