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The sustainability workspace for the next generation of business.

Misio is building a global B2B eco-system consisting of organisations with specialist skills and technologies to accelerate positive change.

We unlock new lead growth indicators for companies to measurably quantify investment into multiple sustainability impact areas. Align company activities with global standards, and share incremental progress with stakeholders.

Misio technology significantly accelerates time-to-value, enabling partners to optimise resource allocation and deliver remarkable results for client organisations in less time.

The next generation Social Platform and ESG Marketplace
The Problem…

The Problem

There is a diminishing trust from customers, investors, and team members, who are increasingly demanding transparency and validation of environmental, social, and governance matters.

There is no objective way to measure stakeholder interest in this narrative to inform commercial growth and strategy.

Companies lack the resources necessary to adhere to global ESG standards, strive to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate responsible business practices.

Pressure is building for organisations to measure and monitor sustainability performance and governments are accelerating compliance frameworks in accordance with the International Sustainability Standards.

Our solution

Shift sustainability progress narrative from annual reporting into a real-time, simple traceable source of truth – measurably attracting more customers, talent and investment.

Leverage AI to generate a personalised sustainability strategy, aligned with industry and regulatory standards within a central workspace.

Foster team collaboration across multiple projects and work side-by-side with leading advisors, auditors, sustainability leaders and integrate with leading climate technology apps.


Reduce organisation climate related risk, attract a lower cost of capital and improve commercial returns.
The MISIO solution