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Misio sets the standard for sharing public Environment Social Governance (ESG), carbon footprint and sustainability progress.

Misio’s operating platform makes logical sense of all your complicated environmental, social governance, carbon footprint and sustainability information creating an easy-to-understand transparent source of truth about you, and your supply chain. 

The brand confidence you give your customers, investors and your team is just a small part of the story, you will discover how sustainability can unlock amazing value from nearly every aspect of your operations.

Join us in the new sustainable economy, learn more about the benefits of ESG  and partner with others in our growing global community for a better planet.

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Make a start with Misio

As global standards, emissions targets, ESG regulations and consumer sentiment evolves, every business must come to grips with how they can use the transition to sustainability to unlock value and create opportunity. What may once have felt like a burden can, with the right support, become a tremendous driver of growth no matter the size of your business, your industry or location.

While some businesses wish to act to the extent required by law others are driven to apply a head to toe philosophy of sustainability in every aspect of their operations. It doesn’t matter where you are on that spectrum, what matters most is making a start.

Our process is effortless and allows you to establish a baseline without requiring specialist sustainability skills. You will have a simple picture of your business that puts you in control of your journey toward sustainability and through managing Impact Projects share your commitments, targets and progress with the world when you are ready.

Misio puts you in control

We built Misio to put you in control of your transition toward a sustainable future and to ensure your business security and stability along the way. By making a start with the baseline process, you are able to plan your pathway in a way that enables you to keep control of measured and incremental progress toward your goals. Your profile data remains private, you control if, when and where it is shared.

As you progress your plans you can allow value to accumulate in the form of lowered costs, reduced risks, less waste and improved brand status. With visible proof to share with your stakeholders about the value of your transition to sustainability you can able to ensure full engagement in your unique story and celebrate your wins with world.

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