Fighting Modern Slavery: Misio Partners with Freedom for Humanity

Modern slavery tragically still exists today, with over 40 million people estimated to be trapped in some form of slavery worldwide. This includes human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, child slavery, and more. As shocking as these numbers are, many people remain unaware of just how prevalent modern slavery remains across the globe.

To help raise awareness and tackle this injustice, the not-for-profit organisation Misio has partnered with Freedom for Humanity. Some key statistics about modern slavery that highlight why increasing awareness is so critical.

Key statistics:

  • There are over 50 million people trapped in modern slavery globally according to the Global Slavery Index
  • 71% of modern slavery victims are women and girls
  • Over 16 million people are exploited in the private sector through forced labor in industries like agriculture, fishing, manufacturing etc.
  • The economic impacts of modern slavery are estimated at $150 billion each year

Tackling an issue as complex and multi-faceted as modern slavery requires collaboration between governments, businesses, non-profits and community organisations. One such partnership that aims to raise awareness and help eradicate modern slavery is between Australian tech startup Misio and anti-slavery non-profit Freedom for Humanity. The combination of Misio’s sustainability platform and Freedom for Humanity’s in-depth domain expertise has immense synergies with a strategy to help raise awareness with organisations to support Freedom for Humanity’s mission.

Companies aiming for ethical and sustainable operations should look to partner with anti-slavery organisations to proactively identify and address risks of forced labor in supply chains and business practices.

Through multi-stakeholder alliances, harnessing data and new technologies, there is hope that the 40 million people trapped in slavery today can be freed in our lifetimes. But it will take businesses, non-profits, communities and governments working together to make freedom a reality for all humanity.

Increased awareness is the first step towards eradicating this injustice. When more consumers are informed, they can make better choices about the products they buy and companies they choose to support. Businesses also have a major role to play, as many global supply chains unwittingly enable modern slavery.

By partnering together, Misio and Freedom for Humanity hope to educate more people about this critical issue. They also aim to provide helpful tools and guidance for businesses looking to proactively address modern slavery risk in their operations and supply chains.

In conclusion

Tackling injustice requires collaboration across sectors. Through partnerships like Misio and Freedom for Humanity’s, we can work towards the goal of ending modern slavery once and for all. Achieving this would have profoundly positive impacts on vulnerable groups around the world. It would also enable businesses to operate more ethically and sustainably.

With education, collaboration and perseverance, eradicating modern slavery is possible in our lifetimes. But it requires all of us – individuals, non-profits, businesses and governments – to play our part.

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About Freedom For Humanity

Freedom For Humanity is working with businesses and governments to end modern slavery. Founded by a group of volunteers in 2017, our purpose is to raise funds to fight Modern Slavery both in Australia and overseas. We aim to contribute directly to organisations at the coal face that achieve results in freeing innocent people from the tyranny of slavery. Our core goal is to bring together the people who can make Modern Slavery a thing of the past: Working with organisations that rescue and support those still in slavery; Raising funds to empower rescued slaves with education and job slavery; Partnering with corporations who can ensure that Modern Slavery is removed from the supply chains; Promoting Australia’s success with the Modern Slavery Act; Raising awareness around the globe to inspire global action against Modern Slavery.

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