Fair trade coffee is coffee that is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards by fair trade organisations, which create trading partnerships that are based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, with the goal of achieving greater equity in international trade.

1. Oxfam Australia

The Oxfam fair brand was launched in 2010 to bring Oxfam’s Fairtrade, ethical and life-changing products to more Australians through supermarkets and online store for enjoyment in the workplace and at home.

The range includes premium Fairtrade and organic ground coffee, coffee beans and drinking chocolate.

They use premium Fairtrade raw materials to develop high-quality, great value and great tasting products to Australian consumers.

Their products help to tackle poverty by ensuring that farmers are paid a fair and stable price and, by paying an additional community premium, they help to empower communities to build better lives for themselves.

In 2019, Oxfam Australia and their long-term roasting partner Bean Alliance Group based in Melbourne, entered a mutually agreed contract to continue production of the Oxfam fair coffee and drinking chocolate products right here in Australia. Monies raised from coffee and drinking chocolate sales flow back to Oxfam Australia to invest in programs to help tackle poverty around the world.

2. Amelia Franklin Coffee Roasters-People of Coffee

It is true Amelia Franklin Coffee Roasters which is 12 years old I have given to the community of Bellingen. And it has been transformed into People Of Coffee Non-Government Organisation. The structure is a Public Company Limited By Guarantee Benevolent Institution.

FAQ… Why? Because something has got to give. Our planet is in a state of extreme crisis, we have a decade before the whole coffee value chain will starts to collapse because of poverty and climate change. By 2050 you will expect to pay at least $15USD for a cup of coffee and 20% to 80% of coffee farming land will be unusable.

You do not have to be a comfortable financially secure philanthropist to make a difference, you just need to have a belief in yourself and the people around you. This if my belief in my community of Bellingen to use People Of Coffee as a vehicle for change locally and globally.

All you need to do to support our vision and goals is to support us by buying our coffee wholesale and retail and become apart of the People Of Coffee Family. We are all one family, the coffee family.

We all deserve the best.


Amelia Franklin

3. Bean, ground and Drunk

When creating bean ground & drunk, the mission was simple — to create a Fairtrade, organic, great tasting coffee that people can connect over. As a “story book” brand, the bean ground & drunk story is continually being re-written. This “chapter” of bean ground & drunk depicts a brand which has grown from a rookie, to juvenile, blossoming into a mature coffee range that is constantly growing. When faced with starting each day, “first things first”, bean ground & drunk and everything else follows after that.

The bean ground & drunk story…

Bean ground & drunk responds to the sense of community people feel when they gather around the espresso machine.

It appeals to the sense of sharing, enjoying and relating — whether in a café or at home.

Inspired by the heady mix of emotions coffee brings, bean ground & drunk celebrates the collection of interrelated stories we all share.

Created the only way high grade coffee should be — with heart, passion, technique and respect, bean ground & drunk is an exclusive organic coffee blend sourced from the some of the world’s best regions and lovingly prepared at The Bean Alliance roastery, right in the heart of Melbourne.

The idea of a unique brand of organic coffee stemmed back at the turn of the millennium.

“About 15 years ago I began to observe a societal change to behaviour,” founder of the bean ground & drunk philosophy, brand story and product range, Susan Castle reflects. “At the time there was little product in the Australian coffee industry that was organically certified and consumed and people were really connecting over coffee, meeting and talking and enjoying that strong sense of belonging. It was new — this groundswell of desire to connect — I believe a response to the uncertainty people felt at the change of the millennium.”

This organic trend was to become an element of foundation thinking — and completely original — in development of bean ground & drunk.

In 2001 the coffee officially hit the market, and once perfected launched across selected cafes around the country. In the cup, the taste our loyal drinkers describe as earthy and aromatic, with a smooth, soft finish. Since 2008, bean ground & drunk was stocked Australia wide throughout Woolworths supermarkets where it continues to grow strongly, and in 2015 decaffeinated was ranged in Coles.

Whether it’s ecology, biology, community or sensory — on all counts bean ground & drunk is the perfect choice for a great cup of coffee every time.

4. BioBean Coffee

BioBean Coffee had its origins back in 2001 when the Australian airline Ansett collapsed. Michael and Mary Ipkendanz were planning a trip to Queensland at the time, but the demise of Ansett forced them to rethink their plans. Instead of heading interstate they decided to head to the Pilbara in the north of WA for a few weeks camping out.

Stopping at a gorge in the Kennedy Ranges Mike went off to explore, Mary (who is a paraplegic) was holding the fort in the car, when she found herself craving a cup of coffee. After getting around to be boot of the car, she then tried to dig out the kettle and equipment from under all the camping gear when she noticed the presence of a highly suspicious man.

Although she feared the worst, it turned out that that Rainer Sakic was simply another coffee fanatic out for a decent cup of coffee too. They both sat down for coffee. Not long after Mike turned up and they opened a bottle of red. Rainer then spent the rest of the holiday traveling with them.

Rainer, a sales representative for GEPA Coffee in Germany, was on holiday in Australia. When they got back to Perth, Ben, Mike and Mary’s son, got to know Rainer as well. Together they discussed the possibility of setting up a coffee roasting company but put it on hold for several years as Ben was on the verge of completing an Honour’s year in the department of Biochemistry at UWA and felt he would be continuing on to work in that field.

Ben graduated from University with an Honour’s degree in 2003 and got a job as a research assistant with a Perth Biotech company. After five months of working with the company he became disillusioned with the fact that he was simply helping to make someone else wealthy and had problems with the ethical stance of the company.

He than made the choice to quit the company and start up BioBean Coffee, a business that would make use of his scientific background; and best of all would be an ethical.

Mike, Mary and Ben formed the company and shared the idea that it must to be founded on ethical guidelines with a focus on producing a quality product at a reasonable price with excellent service.

Once the company was formed and the roasting equipment was installed, Rainer Sakic came out to Australia with a roaster called Rainer Braun. Rainer Braun was a roaster with his own company in Germany, with more than 20 years of experience in roasting coffee. With their help Ben was able to learn how to roast coffee and BioBean Coffee officially started business on 1st July 2005.

Fairtrade Certification was immediate. Organic Certification was approved in January 2006.

5. Clipper

From roasting to decaffeination and freeze-drying, all our coffees are brought to your morning with entirely natural processes, so you can wake up to a zing-ier cup with a smooth, full-bodied flavour.

All our coffees, whether roast & ground or instant, are made with Fairtrade coffee beans. Once you’ve drunk all your coffee, why not use the jar to store pencils, paintbrushes and other precious things?

Clipper was started in 1984 in a Dorset kitchen by a tea-obsessed husband and wife team. They wanted to share their love of great tea with a promise of ethical sourcing and natural production.

The story began with just two chests of finest-quality Assam tea, sold to local health food shops and cafes. Today there are over 150 different Clipper products sold in over 50 countries. We’ve long outgrown the kitchen, but everything Clipper is still blended in our factory in Beaminster, Dorset.

6. Delano Coffee

Independent coffee roasting company and coffeehouse based on the south Coast of Sydney.

We strive to create coffee experiences that are delicious and accessible.

Our team comes from all walks of life and from all around the world. The element that unites us is passion for exceptional coffee, from coffee blends we create and the research they do into coffee, through our coffeehouses and for our patrons, and onto machines and systems we choose to use and the level of customer service we offer to our partners.

We only sourced/roast sustainable and ethically certified coffees that are specialty grade. Our roasting facilities are ACO organic Certified, HACCP Certified, and we utilise low-emission and cropster controlled, precision roasting technologies.

7. Global Café Direct

Get the best ethically sourced beans, ground coffee or pods with our award-winning, Fairtrade and certified Organic Global Cafe Direct range.

1959 — Beginnings

Established originally in Coburg, Coffex Coffee Roasters was born in a golden age for the beverage. The two Italian partners who founded it saw the rise of coffee and the decline of tea. The European migrant population had brought with them the coffee culture of espresso bars which were becoming increasingly popular.

Coffex Coffee Roasters was founded seeing the high demand for better quality coffee in Australia and started as a small operation with no more than ten staff.

1996 — In New Hands

The mid-nineties saw a change in management, with new owners taking over the company and through the late-nineties, into the early 2000’s, Coffex Coffee Roasters experienced the largest company growth. With the demand for Coffex Coffee Roasters increasing so rapidly, the company needed to move to a larger location in Brunswick.

With the move came the creation of a state-of-the-art roasting facility. Equipped the best roasting and packing equipment, Coffex Coffee Roasters began roasting on a scale like never before. Expanding to all Australian states, an office found their way into most capital states.

So too did Coffex Coffee cross the Tasman sea, establishing in New Zealand. Not long after, a 2nd Headquarters was set up In Malaysia, strengthening Coffex in a growing Asian Market.

2005 — Onwards and Upwards

It was the mid 2000’s that Coffex Coffee Roasters saw to the further expansion of export markets. Moving into Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and New Zealand. Coffex Coffee Roasters had grown from humble beginnings to an internationally recognised brand but has remained privately owned and family run since the very beginning.

As the brand continued to grow and source coffee beans from around the world, a second roasting facility opened in Malaysia in 2015.

8. Inca Fe

The superior taste of IncaFé Organic Coffee finds its origin at the farm. Our company is founded on the belief that Certified Organic Agriculture produces more nutrient, healthier products which are better for the environment and simply taste better too.

IncaFé’s coffee beans are mostly grown in forested ecosystems Aside from being Certified Organic our coffees are Fairtrade. We maintain close relationships with our growers. This not only allows us to ensure maximum quality, this also minimises costs so we can pay our growers even better than Fairtrade minimum price. So with every cup of IncaFé Coffee you drink you not only support Organic agriculture but you also support our growers and their communities.

9. Jasper Coffee

With deep roots in the art world, coffee has become our palette. We are dedicated to re-humanizing the coffee supply chain, and have formed strong friendships across the Coffee world in our exploration and adventure into the unknown.

We hold in stock Australia’s largest selection of Single Origin beans, Blends, Fairtrade, Organic & Specialty Coffees. We accept into our repertoire only those beans with distinctions of flavour, body, and aroma that satisfy our palate.

Pioneering sustainability

Sustainability has always shaped how we do business. We keep this in mind through all decisions we make. This has manifested in our Certifications for Organic, Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral, along with our search for Shade Grown coffees, the cleaning products we use, the cars we drive, the compostable packaging, and the economic and social benefits we direct to producers.

10. Kokako

Our Auckland based roastery supplies retail and wholesale coffee in addition to Drinking Chocolate and nitro cold brew in kegs. We also provide barista training, equipment, merchandise and technical support for our outposts across the country. Through ongoing experimentation and innovation we are committed to showing leadership and contributing toward a more transparent, sustainable coffee industry.

We roast from a 400m2 best-practice coffee roastery, at 9 Charles St, Mt Eden, Auckland, and supply quality hospitality establishments across New Zealand. Our team of industry professionals are dedicated to coffee, hospitality and sustainability and we make it our business to add value to our Kōkako Outpost businesses through our collective knowledge and passion.

Since 2001 Kōkako has been committed to bringing the best selection of Fairtrade organically grown specialty coffees to our network of cafe and hospitality customers, businesses and people at home across Aotearoa.

Our roasting philosophy is centred around a deep respect for coffee, those who grow it and our environment. Successful roasting means controlling as many parameters as possible and to enable this we roast on a German-made 25kg Probat Probatone Coffee Roaster matched to industry-leading advanced roast-profiling software, Cropster, from Austria. Each roast is carefully profiled and cupped rigorously before being made available to you.

We buy from specific origins that we have found to be reliable and where the flavour profile matches our expectation for a consistently well-rounded quality cup of coffee. We have been roasting coffee for over almost two decades and it is with this experience and knowledge that we are able to produce exemplary coffee blends and single origin coffees suitable for both espresso and filter brewing methods.

We only specify the highest quality coffee equipment for our customers and we represent some of the best coffee equipment brands in the industry.

11. La Jacoba Coffee

ASPROUNION is a cooperative of farmers and coffee producers based out of the town of La Union in southern Colombia. Coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount La Jacoba in the fertile volcanic soil. Established in 2001, ASPROUNION has since worked on improving the quality of life of the 273 associated families. The farmers are mainly small-scaled coffee producers located in the locality of La Union, of the Narino Department in southern Colombia. With the support of government and industry partners and the commitment of the families, ASPROUNION seeks real solutions to the problems of poverty, economic insecurity and drug cash-crops, by producing coffee and value-adding via processing and marketing done within the organisation.

The coffee produced by ASPROUNION farmers is considered by national and international experts (including the SCAA: Speciality Coffee Association of America) to be high quality specialty coffee. The particular climatic and geographic conditions of La Union locality, along with the traditional practices at cultivation, harvesting and post-harvesting stages, combine to produce a unique coffee with exceptional physical and sensory characteristics.

For ASPROUNION and its members, it is vital to participate efficiently in all value-adding processes, and thus provide better returns for the producers, to guarantee economic, social and sound environmental development for the whole community.

Thanks to the vision and community involvement of ASPROUNION partner families, they have managed to develop value-adding to their own product. They now have management, processing, and sales in the hands of partners and their family members, who demonstrate a professional commitment to offer freshly roasted high quality coffee, under strict rules of best practice in both agriculture (BPA) and manufacturing (BPM), while ensuring the traceability of the product.

The Beans

“La Jacoba” coffee from Union, in Narino state, comes from the volcanic mountain soils of the Colombian Macizo range, and is cultivated with great care by small-scale farmers and their families. The farmers use a traditional artisan practice of chemical-free plant growth, under the shade of native tropical canopy. Following the natural rhythms of the various plants, mature berries are hand-picked all year-round, soaked with mountain-sourced water to remove skins, and the beans are sun-dried. The high quality of the Special Reserve coffee is ensured, from the choice of the best red berries, to the quality control of the final product. This careful production process ensures a low environmental impact and a reliable sustainable supply, in harmony with nature.

The coffee that you have in your hands combines acidity, sweetness and smoothness like no other. La Jacoba coffee stimulates your senses and comforts your soul.

12. República Coffee

In 2005 I took my husband and two kids back to my birth country of Colombia where some of the best coffee on the planet is grown. I was excited to show them my childhood hometown!

Yet during the holiday, we were treated to terribly bad tasting coffee. I realised that the beautiful coffee grown on the lush high altitude mountains of Colombia were being shipped overseas and manufactured into instant coffee by multinationals like Nestle, then shipped back to Colombia and sold to the locals at hugely inflated prices!

I was appalled that the farmers had no understanding of how good their coffees were or how high their prized coffee beans we being commanded in countries like back home in Australia.

Seeing the farmers being treated unfairly was an epiphany for me that changed the course of my life! After returning to Australia I promptly resigned from the ABC (I was a busy journalist there for 10 years) and set out to create an ethical company that ensured Third World coffee farmers were guaranteed a fair deal whilst not compromising on taste.

And so the the Journey of República Organic was born.

As the Founder and Director of República Organic I’m a huge advocate for all things ethical in Life. ‘Ethics with Impact’ is my daily mission.

Your questions, comments and feedback are not only welcomed but encouraged! We have an ‘open door’ policy so call me, email me or join our newsletter and blog. Stay in Touch! Our Mantra at República Organic is not only my business but also my life journey and one I’m extremely proud of. I’m also a busy wife, mother, mentor, entrepreneur and loyal friend to those dear to me.

Make your food choices delicious and ethical.

– Jacqueline Arias.

13. Sacred Grounds

At Sacred Grounds, we believe there’s nothing worse than feeling stale. It’s boring. It’s routine. It creeps in if you’re not careful. It’s the enemy of good times — and good coffee!

We roast our coffee daily, deliver it at speed and seal it in purpose made packaging to ensure it stays Freshalicious just for you! And we do this because we’re passionate about making good quality, fresh coffee.

But our focus isn’t only on keeping things fresh. We strive to source coffee that is earth friendly and ethical. And, we look beyond our main products to see where we as a business can have a positive impact on the environment.

One of the ways we do this is by choosing to sell only certified organic coffee, meaning our product has been independently verified by a certification agency as being organic, and grown without synthetic fertilizer or artificial pesticides. Better for the earth and better for YOU!

Join us in living life spontaneously. Take the time each day to break free of your routine and enjoy the things you love. While you’re at it, why don’t you go and meet our groovy gang at a Sacred Grounds partner cafe or pick up a bag from your nearest Woolworths to enjoy at home.

Our mission is to keep things fresh! That’s why we roast our coffee daily and seal it in custom made, freshness guaranteed packaging to ensure it stays that way. Don’t believe us? We’ve even included a sneaky freshness valve on the back along with a ‘Roasted Date’ so you can be the judge!

As global citizens, we look to source coffee that has a positive impact on the earth and our producing communities. For us, seeking and producing organic coffee is not a marketing position, it’s an obvious and deliberate choice towards a more equitable and sustainable future for us, our family and our friends.

Don’t just take our word for it — steer clear of stale roasts and taste the quality of Sacred Grounds organic, freshalicious coffee for yourself.

14. Tribes and Nations

Tribes and Nations was launched in August 2005 to offer a ‘just alternative to unfair trade’ . We the founders, Grant and Mignonne Murray, after living in Africa for 5 years, seeing poverty first hand and how a little help goes along, wanted to encourage Australians to think carefully about where their products have come from, who made them and have they been paid fairly, so together we can make a difference.

Now, we are seen as one of the leading pioneers of the Fair Trade movement here in Australia; it is great to see the growth of Fair Trade since then.

Our intention was and still is to put fairly traded goods and good information in the hands of our customers who desire to live dynamically & intentionally in this world of inequality.

We offer a life empowering Fair Trade Store,

  • for you who chose to engage authentically with your personal life values and live thoughtfully in our world
  • for you who understand the small choices made at home have a 10 fold ripple effect on the quality of lives of those who live in underprivileged global communities
  • for you who want to empower your children to live these values too
  • we offer you a personal store, where you are once engage , will journey you to an authentic life, with higher meaning

Our family business is based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Our products hark from groups that are:

· Charities

· Micro enterprises

· Fairtrade certified co-ops.

We offer products

· Of use, purpose and beauty.

· That are Organic and/or Fairtrade certified

· That are and/or recycled, up-cycled, eco-friendly

· Made ‘from scratch’, involving locally sourced, highly sustainable raw products such as jute, grasses and coconut.

We work with faith and non-faith groups because we believe the poor need to be cared for, whoever they are.

15. Grounded Coffee



This planet is ‘home’ to all of us, meaning we all have a responsibility to keep it healthy. Every day we’re consuming, and all of that consumption has a big impact on the planet, it’s unsustainable. Saving the planet is going to come down to businesses being more sustainable and making more sustainable products available, and to people making more ‘planet friendly’ choices.

Our coffee business is about providing more sustainable options for people, with no compromise on quality, price or convenience. That’s why we’ve made sure Grounded Responsible Coffee not only tastes amazing, but is also 100% fairtrade, 100% organic, certified Climate Neutral, and helping clean up New Zealand’s waterways and restore native flora and fauna. And it’s available at your local supermarket!

People are at the heart of Fairtrade. Before Fairtrade certification smallhold farmers (their farm size averaging 1.5 hectares) would typically be very poor, vulnerable and exploited. Being a Fairtrade certified farmer gives them back control and improves their position by guaranteeing them a minimum price, plus a development fund to invest in their community. This fund is used to build schools, hospitals and other vital facilities. Through Fairtrade they also have access to training and technology which improves their coffee quality and yield.

Our business is founded on the belief that all this consuming we do doesn’t need to harm the planet, it can actually help it. We’re on a mission to make more products available that do just that — contribute to a healthier planet.

We started out with Scarborough Fair coffee and tea (launched in 2004). After seeing positive change through Scarborough Fair, we were keen to find ways to make a bigger difference. In late 2017 we launched Grounded Responsible Coffee, a modern fresh coffee that not only tastes great, but takes sustainability to the next level. The overwhelmingly positive response to Grounded, spurred us on, and we introduced Blended. The definition of ‘blended’ is ‘harmonious combinations’, so we thought it’s a fitting name for a combination of delicious ingredients, modern aesthetics and planet-friendly packaging.

One of our commitments to planet health is our ‘Buy One, Plant One’ initiative. For every purchase of Grounded and Blended products, we plant a tree, so every purchase has a direct positive impact on the earth and lives of people who need it most.

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