Invite thousands of suppliers in your supply chain to share progress being made for People and the Planet

Supply Chain Disclosures

The sustainability of your supply chain is critical.  Having confidence in the companies you work with is more than a risk mitigation strategy; it has a direct impact on how your company complies with global ESG regulations and standards. No matter if your business has 1 or 10,000 suppliers we have a solution to automate supplier specific progress to synchronise critical sustainability data and documentation giving you the confidence and insight you need.

  • A simple 5 minute contact group is all that you need to connect with thousands of suppliers
  • Sync carbon footprint and emissions data including Scope1, 2 & and critical Scope 3 progress including offset project information, documents and reference links
  • Automate modern slavery reporting including documentation aligned with global standards at multi-levels
  • Real-time reporting on individual supplier progress
  • Custom supplier solutions include additional impact categories such as Biodiversity, Water, Oceans, Inclusivity, Ethics and Corruption

The  information shared between you are your suppliers is encrypted and kept secure as Misio automatically synchronises your accounts. You can monitor which companies in your Supply Chain are actively participating by using our advanced in-built analytics

The simple Baseline Questionnaire is only the beginning, we support your supply chain to align and synchronise supporting documentation and reference links.  Our platform then engages A.I. to build a complete ESG picture for you that includes the unique combination of  standards and ESG reporting frameworks that apply to your company.  Each company in our supply chain disclosure can benefit from the same, independent  custom reporting of their verified ESG achievements and goals.

The work you do to support people and the planet deserves to be celebrated, along with a simple traceable picture of your suppliers.

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Supply Chain Disclosures
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