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What is Misio?2022-11-10T22:35:17+11:00

Misio exists to be a catalyst for positive change in the world.  

Let us guide you on a well lit path to understand how you, your business or your suppliers can help our planet by becoming more sustainable. We can create a simple, traceable picture of your real time information to build a baseline status of your sustainability, then we help you discover how much value you can unlock by setting goals for the future. 

Who can register?2022-11-10T22:35:45+11:00

Misio is global, we are built for businesses both large and small as well as individuals across the planet.  If you are interested in understanding how to become more sustainable we can help you measure your status and set goals. It doesn’t matter if you are new to sustainability or you have an existing sustainability plan.  Misio is for everybody because we all have a part to play,  no matter where you are today, we can begin to work for a better tomorrow.

How does it work?2022-08-03T16:03:52+10:00

Create your free Misio profile and answer a few qualifying questions. We guide your company setup including key information such as where your office is based, industry, company size and summarise your sustainability progress.

Once your baseline information has been aggregated you have the option to enable your Misio Tile.

If at any time you require help, our team and marketplace of specialist providers are happy to assist.

What products does Misio offer?2022-11-10T22:37:10+11:00

Misio helps you transition to a better future with products that allow you to capture, align and share your complicated sustainability data, set goals and measure progress. 

We make sense of the 500+ standards that exist to provide the most relevant and updated picture of you. We also offer a ‘done for you’ solution that will discover the sustainability information in your supply chain. The Misio Tile will enable you to share your story with the word.

Who created Misio?2022-08-03T16:07:00+10:00

Misio was co-founded by Jeremy Biggs and Dave Clark, we recognised that we had a huge amount of combined technical and commercial knowledge and wanted to harness our experience to accelerate positive change in the world.

People want to support companies that are committed to more sustainable products and services. We recognised that only the top 1% of companies in the world have the resources to progress alignment with global standards and so we set out to find a solution to help companies of all sizes improve how they operate and help change the world.

What is the Misio Mission?2022-05-07T13:31:11+10:00

Misio is helping to create a world where people can confidently make positive change through purchasing power. Our mission is to connect millions of companies around the world to significantly accelerate Environment Social Governance (ESG) and align companies of all sizes to global ESG standards.

Ethics & Corruption2023-02-27T14:16:14+11:00
  • Project plans to create Ethics & Corruption policy
  • Determine which Ethics standards relate to our industry
  • Sync documentation with 3rd parties to provide provenance in reporting
  • Create inclusivity & diversity project pathways
  • Collaborate with teams to build business culture
  • Determine the standards required for my company size
Human Rights2023-02-27T14:12:12+11:00
  • Sync 3rd party documents to support modern slavery reporting
  • Project pathway to report on modern slavery
  • Meet regulatory requirements for your industry
  • Establish waste measurement projects
  • Create project pathways to reduce waste to landfill
  • Determine which standards to use for waste projects
  • Establish ocean impact projects
  • Determine ocean related biodiversity risks
  • Create and manage seagrass restoration projects
  • Measure water usage across your business
  • Determine water related risk from your supply chain
  • Establish pathways to improve water reduction
  • Identify biodiversity risks
  • Determine biodiversity areas relate to our industry?
  • Identify assessments and industry standards
Energy & Emissions2023-02-27T14:16:58+11:00
  • Establish carbon footprint baseline
  • Aggregate Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3 emission data
  • Project pathways to achieve Net-Zero
What is the Misio Tile?2022-11-10T22:36:11+11:00

The Misio tile is the simple, shareable, snapshot of how you are progressing your sustainability activities. 

It is an easily identifiable signal to consumers, suppliers, investors, regulators and other stakeholders that you are in control of your plan and that you are on track.  You can use the Miso tile to showcase your achievements and goals in your brand and marketing activities. 

How can I join the Misio team?2022-05-07T13:51:41+10:00

At the core of Misio you will find a team of talented people all aligned to a common set of values that foster autonomy, innovation, and growth.

With a core foundation of trust, learning and open communication we exceed expectations.

With an infinite mindset, each of our team contributes directly to strategic goals in their own unique way while continuing to grow both personally and professionally.

If you would like to join our team please check to see what roles are available or forward your 1 page CV here: misio@jobs.workablemail.com

Why are Supply Chain disclosures so important?2022-11-10T22:40:33+11:00

Understanding how suppliers in your Supply Chain are supporting people and our planet is critical to building a true picture of your own business including areas like Scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG emissions, waste, water, human rights, ethics and corruption.

No matter what your size, if you are working from home from a laptop or running a $100 million corporation, unlocking the value of your supply chain can have a big impact on your own sustainability.  Often there is buried treasure in your inputs that you may not know about.